Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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The AGEG Board of Directors encourage all funeral service professionals to follow Federal and State orders, follow CDC guidance, and practice best practices. 

As the situation is rapidly changing, we recommend you review the information below often. While we do our best to post guidance and information in real time, you should visit the links provided which will take you to the individual agency websites to ensure the most recent items

We encourage you to share all guidance and information immediately with your staff. There are numerous printable resources for your use in your funeral home and shared with your staff and the families you serve.  

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"Embalming COVID-19: Infection Control and Storage"

Pierce Chemical's COO, Lance Ray and Dr. Jzyk Ennis, PhD have recently discussed what embalmers should be thinking about as they plan to handle their first case of COVID-19.  Dr. Ennis makes some great points and offers some new thoughts on the safe care of the deceased under these circumstances.  

CLICK HERE to view their article.

Latest Updates for You  

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  • Governor Brian P. Kemp
    • New Executive Orders issued November 30, 2020
      • Renewing the Public Health State of Emergency last renewed on October 30, 2020, in response to COVID-19
      • Providing additional guidance for Empowering a Healthy Georgia in response to COVID-19
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    • Returning to Work - Updated Nov. 27, 2020
    • What do funeral home workers need to know about handling decedents who had COVID-19? - Updated Nov. 10, 2020
    • Collection and Submission of Postmortem Specimens from Deceased Persons with Known or Suspected COVID-19 - Updated Nov. 2, 2020
    • COVID-19 Critical Infrastructure Sector Response Planning - Updated Nov. 16, 2020
    • Frequently Asked Questions: COVID-19 and Funerals - Updated Nov. 20, 2020 
    • Considerations for Events and Gatherings - Updated Nov. 17, 2020 
    • Funeral Guidance for Individuals and Families - Updated Nov. 2, 2020 
    • FAQs for Medicolegal Death Investigators - Updated Nov. 2, 2020 
    • The National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL)
      • NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators - Updated Oct. 30, 2020
      • Respirator Trusted-Source Information / Ancillary Respirator Information / Fit Test FAQs
      • Counterfeit Respirators / Misrepresentation of NIOSH-Approval - Updated Nov. 5, 2020
      • FDA’s emergency use authorization list
      • FDA’s eligibility criteria for alternatives to N95 respirators
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
    • COVID-19 Guidance on Ventilation in the Workplace

    COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation

    AGEG has advocated for funeral service professionals throughout the pandemic and with companies seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA for the COVID-19 vaccine, we are continuing to do so.  We have contacted Governor Kemp and Commissioner Toomey urging them to follow the NASEM framework and prioritize funeral directors with healthcare workers.  

    We will continue to closely monitor this situation and will provide updates as more information becomes available. 

    • 11-24-20: During Governor Kemp's press conference, he reported more details regarding the deployment of the vaccine will be announced in the coming days. We continue to advocate on your behalf and will continue to closely monitor announcements. We will provide updates upon any confirmation we receive regarding the vaccine deployment in Georgia in regards to funeral service professionals.
    • 11-30-20: In Governor Kemp's newest Executive Order, he authorized nurses and pharmacists to administer the pending COVID-19 vaccine, including in a drive-thru setting.
    • 12-1-20: The CDC will be meeting today regarding the pending COVID-19 vaccine distribution.  
    Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the COVD-19 Vaccine
    • Vaccines - Updated Nov. 25, 2020 - Click HERE
    • How CDC Is Making COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations - Updated Nov. 25, 2020 - Click HERE
    • 8 Things to Know about Vaccine Planning - Updated Nov. 20, 2020 - Click HERE
    • Different COVID-19 Vaccines - Updated Nov. 24, 2020 - Click HERE
    • Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines - Updated Nov. 23, 2020 -  Click HERE
    • Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination - Updated Nov. 24, 2020 - Click HERE
    Georgia Department of Public Health
    • COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Georgia - November 6, 2020 - Click HERE

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