Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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The AGEG Board of Directors encourage all funeral service professionals to follow Federal and State orders, follow CDC guidance, and practice best practices. We encourage you to share all guidance and information immediately with your staff. There are numerous printable resources for your use in your funeral home and share with your staff and the families you serve.

As the situation is rapidly changing, so does the guidance and information about COVID-19, including details about the vaccines. We closely monitor federal, state, and other agencies for new or revised information and guidance. As it becomes available, AGEG members are updated by email and this page is updated. While we do our best to post guidance and information in real time, the links will take you directly to the individual websites to ensure the most accurate and timely information is accessible.   

Recent Updates Regarding COVID-19 for Funeral Service are Highlighted Below.
For additional information and guidance, visit the drop down windows.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    • Frequently Asked Questions - Feb. 25, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • Considerations for Events and Gatherings - Feb. 18, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • Workplaces and Businesses - Plan, Prepare, and Respond - Feb. 11, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators - Feb. 10, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • Ventilation in Buildings - Feb. 09, 2021 - CLICK HERE
  • Georgia Department of Public Health
    • Amended Administrative Order for Public Health Control Measures - Feb. 11, 2021 - CLICK HERE
  • Governor Brian P. Kemp 
    • New Executive Orders - Open the drop down window with the same title below to view specific details for funeral service. 
      • Renewing the Public Health State of Emergency last renewed on January 29, 2021, in response to COVID-19 - Feb. 26, 2021
      • Providing additional guidance for Empowering a Healthy Georgia in response to COVID-19 - Feb. 26, 2021 
  • The National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL)
    • Counterfeit Respirators / Misrepresentation of NIOSH-Approval - Feb. 26, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators - Feb. 23, 2021 - CLICK HERE

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
    • Information about COVID-19 Vaccines for People with Allergies - Feb. 25, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • What to Do if You Have an Allergic Reaction After Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine - Feb. 25, 2021 - CLICK HERE 
    • Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination - Feb. 25, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • What to Expect after Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine - Feb. 23, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Recommendations - Feb. 19, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • Ensuring the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines in the United States - Feb. 15, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • What to Expect at Your Appointment to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19 - Feb. 11, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • Key Things to Know About COVID-19 Vaccines - Feb. 09, 2021 - CLICK HERE
    • COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Specific Groups - Feb. 4, 2021 - CLICK HERE
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    • FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Third COVID-19 Vaccine - Feb. 27, 2021 - CLICK HERE

      • COVID-19 Press Conference - February 25, 2021. In this press conference, it was reported:
        • With recent vaccine allocation updates the Biden administration has provided, there is confidence there will be a steady increase in Georgia’s allotment in the next several weeks. 
        • Georgia’s current vaccine eligibility will be expanding on March 8, 2021.
        • To avoid confusion regarding phases Georgia will not be using Phase 1A+ or 1B criteria for new expanding criteria. To ensure it is simple and easy to understand the Department of Public Health will be listing those who is currently eligible with the expanding criteria.
        • The Department of Public Health will continue to work with providers to ensure their criteria are up to date and will be followed in the administration of the vaccine. 
        • Georgia will continue to see more demand than vaccine supply. Appointments may continue to be hard to find and schedule. 
        • Georgians were encouraged to be patient.

      Press Conference 02/25/21

      Press Conference on Vaccine Distribution

      Posted by Governor Brian Kemp on Thursday, February 25, 2021

      Updated Funeral Service Professionals COVID-19 Vaccine Access

      Throughout this pandemic, AGEG has advocated for funeral service. Before and after the COVID-19 vaccines Emergency Use Authorizations were given, that work has continued for your vaccine eligibility.  AGEG has confirmed with the Georgia Department of Public Health, as of 2-25-21 funeral home workers that come into direct contact with decedents are NOW INCLUDED in the Healthcare workers category. DPH is working to ensure all vaccinators are updated on this eligibility and continuing to update their vaccine plan.  

      • You are NOW ELIGIBLE and can register today.  
      • NEW registration options are included below. 
      • Choose the healthcare option when scheduling your appointment.
      • Pay close attention to all details you receive when making an appointment.  
      • If communications are expected by email, check your spam/junk folders.  

      COVID-19 Vaccines in Georgia

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      Currently the following groups are eligible for COVID vaccine in Georgia:
      • Healthcare workers (physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, EMS personnel, environmental services, etc.)
      • Residents and staff of long-term care facilities
      • Adults aged 65+ and their caregivers
      • Law enforcement, firefighters, first responders
      Beginning March 8, 2021, the following groups will also be eligible for COVID vaccine:
      • Educators and staff (Pre-K, K-12, DECAL licensed or exempt childcare programs)
      • Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers
      • Parents of children with complex medical conditions

      Georgia COVID-19 Vaccine Plan 

      Click on the graphic on the left to download the file.

      Register for a COVID Vaccine

      Search the Vaccine Locator - CLICK HERE

      Health Department Scheduling - CLICK HERE

      Kroger Health - CLICK HERE

      Ingles Pharmacy - CLICK HERE

      Publix Pharmacy - CLICK HERE

      U-Save-It Pharmacy - CLICK HERE

      CVS Pharmacy - CLICK HERE

      Walgreens Pharmacy - CLICK HERE

      Walmart Pharmacy - CLICK HERE

      Georgia Mass Vaccination Site Registration

      COVID-19 vaccines continue to arrive in Georgia in extremely limited supply. As we await additional vaccine supply from the Federal Government, we urge currently eligible Georgia residents to pre-register today for one of the available mass vaccination sites in our state.

      Learn more and register - CLICK HERE

      Health Department Vaccine Scheduling Resource Line

      • (888) 457-0186
        • Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8 PM ET
        • Saturday – Sunday 8 AM – 5 PM ET

      COVID-19 Vaccine General FAQ

      This information is based on currently available evidence, resources, information, emergency use authorization and expert opinion and is subject to change. As additional evidence regarding the use of COVID-19 vaccine for individuals emerges, it will be necessary to modify this content.

      Download a PDF of the full list COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

      Read more

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      For more information for your health from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CLICK HERE 

      For testing information, visit our Georgia Department of Public Health drop down window below. 


      • Georgia Department of Economic Development - Georgia’s Statewide Executive Order: Guidelines for Businesses - CLICK HERE
      • U.S. Small Business Administration - Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources - CLICK HERE 


      • Federal Trade Commission
        • Social media is no place for COVID-19 vaccination cards - Feb. 5, 2021 - CLICK HERE
        • Business owners: Latest COVID scam is directed at you - Jan. 13, 2021 - CLICK HERE 

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